News - Campaign Closure: This Promotion is Brute!

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WE FINISH THE CAMPAIGN: This Promotion is Brute!
It was months of campaigning and finally came the day to know who the winners will be!
The winners were:   
1st Prize:
Drawn Coupon: 13089
Customer Sorted: Priscilla Danyelle Lima da Silva - Recife/PE
Seller Sorted: Rodrigo – Autovia
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2nd Prize:
Drawn Coupon: 12527
Customer Sorted: Sandra Valeria Oliveira Coelho - Ribeirao Preto/SP
Seller Sorted: Fabinho - MMarra Distribuidora
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3rd Prize:
Drawn Coupon: 13196
Customer Sorted: Valter Gomes Costa -  Carapicuiba/SP
Seller Sorted:  Sérgio - Piqueri Auto Peças
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